(Top left to right)Bass Guitar: Hiram Broyls III, Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar: Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Keyboards: Gilberto Shango Rios, Drum-set: Muntheru Shah (bottom left to right) Percussions: Daniel Hernandez, and Lead Guitar: Michael Ross 


Authentic Jamaican Reggae

Live Traditional Roots Reggae Music


Feature attraction Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar player from Kingston, Jamaica is inspired by the Will of The Most High, JAH, Lord and Creator of the Heaven and Earth to deliver the message of Truth and the Divine Revelations in the spirit of the true Rastafarian. Tony Parnther is ROOTS VIBRATION! 


Roots are the origin from which something is derived. The source of it's strength such as the vital essence that maintain the reality of it's existence. Jah, The Lord and Creator of the universe has revealed the way for human development. "Weep not: behold, the Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." The words of truth so profound vibrates throughout the world though the heathens be adverse.

Reggae music was designed to express to the mass of humanity the unifying word of JAH in such a dynamic way that it inspires the hearts, minds, and souls of all who have an ear to listen.

Roots Vibration Reggae Band is dedicated towards the delivery the divine message of Jah boldly in the traditional Roots Rock Reggae style and fashion. Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Lead vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist conceived the idea while growing up in Kingston, Jamaica then later came to Evanston, IL where he formed the band.

1982 Roots Vibration was established in Kingston, Jamaica as a professional entertainment group. Since then the now Chicago/Evanston, IL based organization soon became the premier Roots & Culture Reggae Band of the mid-west. Sharing the stage with other international performers such as: Identity,Sister Carol, the Meditations, Sugar Minot & The Abashanti Band, The Wailers (Bob Marley's original band from Jamaica), The Itals, Culture, Lucky Dube & Slave, and (the originator of Ska music) Roland Alphonso.

Winner of Martin's Intercultural11th Annual Chicago Reggae Awards "Most Cultural Entertainer" category in 1992. Also the Award for  "Best New Entertainer" category in 1989 at Martin's Intercultural 9th Annual Chicago Reggae Awards.

Roots Vibration Reggae Band can be seen performing in Chicago at the Wild Hare. Other venues 

"We need to have more Love in this world"!

  Tony is a true Rastafarian. He expresses the passion and spirit of his belief dynamically in the performance of the traditional Roots Reggae music. 

Roots Vibration has performed at the following locations:

Barrat College

Biddy Mulligan's

Chevy's Club 57

Chez Roue

Chicago City College Malcolm X Campus

Club Continental

Club Dread

Club East Brook

Club Kilimanjaro

Creighton University

Cubby Bear

Czar Bar

Downtown Bar & Grill

Dub Club

Evanston IL Independence Day Parade

Exedus II


Grand Rapids, Michigan Reggae Sun Splash

Haile Selassie Day Celebration

Halsted Street Festival

Indiana Ogden Sand Dunes 


Lake Forest College

Lincoln-Belmont Street Festival

Malcolm X College

Martin's InterCultural Awards Cerimony

Mattson, IL Memorial Day Celebration

Moulibet's Langano

National Louis University

Navy Pier Arcade


Northwestern University


Play House, The

Private Party (Cindy Levitte)

Rock Island Illinois Reggae Festival

Rockland Road House

Saint Michael's Church Festival


Skokie, IL 4th Of July Parade

State Theater

The Dock on Montrose Beach

The Taste Of Chicago

Viva La Zada

Wild Hare

Woodland Shopping Mall


Roots Vibration the climax of summer Tropical Addiction performances at The Dock on Montrose Beach in Chicago, IL entertaining a record breaking over flowing crowd turn-out...

Member Profile:

Anthony Ezekiel Parnther


 Feature attraction Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar player from Kingston, Jamaica is inspired by the Will of The Most High, JAH, Lord and Creator of the Heaven and Earth to deliver the message of Truth and the Divine Revelations in the spirit of the true Rastafarian. Tony Parnther is ROOTS VIBRATION!  

Hiram Broyls III


 On Bass Guitar and Background Vocal is Hiram Broyls III., "Mystic Man" a native of Chicago establishes the hard core Reggae bottom that can be felt deep within ones soul. Hiram says, "I am of the ancient order of theNya Binghi like Jesus, King David and Solomon, therefore; when I use my instrument I make it convey their "Rootical" messages in an X DUB FACTOR style JAH Know!"  

David "Jahday" Williams


 Lead guitarist, David "Jahday" Williams from Evanston, IL exhibits virtuosity and style as he articulates intricate melodies on the guitar. His rifs are clean and smooth with just the right touch of the Bluesy flavors that are characteristic in reggae music. Jahday feels that Reggae is a remedy for the Blues. So when he cuts loose with his fiery lead guitar solos you will know that he's into the Roots Rock Reggae style.  

Muntheru Saadiq Mujaahid Shah


 Muntheru Shah is the drummer/percussionist and driving force behind the band. Born in Hope, Arkansas under his Christian family name Warner Raymond Bernard Shaw Jr., Muntheru believes that the Will of Allah must prevail, and that no matter what you pursue in life you should remain focused on its Divine Purpose.  

Gregorio "Mandingo" Guadalupe


 Drummer "Mandingo" from Virgin Islands manifests the pulse, heartbeat and inspiration we used to spread the message of Rastafari to all Jah people. He helps to maintain the positive spiritual balance in the heart and soul of Roots Vibration.  

Gilberto "Shango" Rios



"Shango" Keyboardist, Vocals born in Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Each note that he plays and sings is resonant with wisdom, compassion and culture. He demonstrates his commitment to love and truth both onstage, and off. He lives the life of the true Rastaman Vibration. 

Roots Vibration_Wild Hare Chicago, IL_Revelation.avi

 Original Members:

Anthony E. Parnther, Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Kevin "Bo weevil" Giles  Vocal/Keyboards

Ron Simpson Lead Guitar/Vocal
Hiram Broyls III, Vocal/Bass Guitar

Papa Iston Drum-Set/Vocal
Muntheru Shah, Drum Set/Percussions

This is The Original Roots Vibration Reggae Bandestablished as a professional entertainment group in 1982. The Chicago based organization soon became the premier Roots & Culture Reggae Band of the mid-west.

Roots Vibration "Paying The Price"

  Whitelion Promotion
Published on Jul 19, 2013 Tropical Addiction Series 2013 Reggae Wednesdays at the Dock  

Roots Vibration_Taste of Chicago_Poorman.avi

This is the Original Roots Vibration premier Roots & Culture Reggae Band of the mid-west from Jamaica. Dynamic in the performance of the traditional Roots Reggae music Jah know!

About Us Over Three Decades

2017 Roots Vibration Reggae Band

Guitar:Jahday, Vocal:Tony, Bass:Hiram, Keyboard:Shango, Drums:Mandingo, Percussion:Muntheru

Come together again to inspire the young people of today with the uplifting message of JAH conveyed through the true Rastafarian expression of Traditional Roots Reggae Music.

2015 Roots Vibration


Reemerge on the Chicago scene with an explosion of authentic Jamaican Roots and Culture reggae music that reverberates through the hearts and minds of all of those who love true reggae music.

1996 Roots Vibration Reggae Band


Now a seasoned highly professional live performance group able to attract huge audience response continue to express and preserve the essence of the Authentic Traditional Jamaican Reggae Music here in Chicago.   

Our Humble beginnings

1992 Roots Vibration


recognized as the premier Roots n' Culture reggae band in Chicago become the opening performance for many of the international reggae artists remaining true to the cultural vibe. 

1982 Roots Vibration Reggae Band


 Appear on the stages of Chicago with an eruption of Roots Rockin' Reggae that rekindled the spirit of Bob Marley at a time when the DJ Toast Masters and Dancehall music was becoming popular. 

Awards & Testimonials

Most Culture Oriented Band of 1991



1990 - 1995 Roots Vibration Core Members

Winners of the January 25, 1992 Martin's International Corporation's 11th Annual Chicago Reggae Award

Most Culture Oriented Band of 1991. 

"Best New Artist/Entertainers of 1989"



1985 - 1990 Roots Vibration 

Original Members

Winners of the January 25, 1990  Martin's International Corporation's 9th Annual Chicago Reggae Awards for "Best New Artist/Entertainers of 1989"

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RootsVibration_BandMember_Application (pdf)


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