About Us

 We are ABLE
Able, capable, competent all mean possessing adequate power for doing something. Able implies power equal to effort required: able to finish in time.Having sufficient power or resources to accomplish something: a singer able to reach high notes; We are able to finish the project thanks to a grant from a large corporation. 

Organizational Profile

 The Board of Directors shall administrate the El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute Articles of Incorporation for a Non-Profit Organization that have been submitted and approved by the Illinois Secretary Of State. An institute is a society or organization having a particular object or common factor, especially a scientific, educational, or social one. 

Mission Statement:


Let’s build a Cultural Awareness Institute in Chicago, Illinois and broaden the horizons for social development using the fine arts of communication.  Cultivate a global mind from within El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute.

Let's act now to set in motion, put in motion, get under way, get going, get off the ground, get in operation, start, begin, initiate, launch, lay the foundations of, lay the first stone of, sow the seeds of, set up, inaugurate, found, establish, put in place, organize, get working, get functioning, activate, actuate, generate, cause, bring about; start/get/set the ball rolling; towards building a structure that can provide the facilities necessary for our growth and development.

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Our Status

 Articles Of Incorporation  submitted and approved by Illinois Secretary of State George H. Ryan on July 4, 1997. 

El-Amin Life Productions, Cultural Institute thereby was incorporated under the laws of the State Of Illinois on September 8, 1997.


Application For Reinstatement of Domestic /Foreign Corporations General Not For Profit was Approved 

October 30, 2008 by Secretary of State Jesse White.

Change of Registered Agent/Office Address for the corporation has been filed with the office of the Illinois Secretary of State and payment of the filing fee acknowledged on September 3, 2014. 

The 2019 Annual Report was mailed on August 8, 2019.  


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