Services Highlight Neighborhood Development

Summer Youth Program

 El-Amin Life Productions, "Cultural Institute" Executive Director, Muntheru S.M. Shah and Former Director, Nettie E Johnson at the Clyde-Brummel Park in Evanston, IL work together on a 1992 Summer Youth Program.  

The City of Chicago an its surrounding suburbs is the base for El-Amin Life Productions, "Cultural Institute" to put forth an effort that will provide access to the necessary resources that are required in the production of high quality professional community service.


Lifestyle Director: Central Park East Apartments 2006


 Lifestyles Director -Enhanced the living experience for residents by planning, advertising and coordinating two highly entertaining and interesting social events each month for a large apartment community. Distribute notices and communications to all residents. Receive and Log all overnight delivery packages and notify the recipients of their arrival. Provide New Move-in Welcome Gift Packages and New Resident Move-in Kits. Each month make resident birthday cards. File all Leasing Office documents. 

Social Director: Central Park East Apartments 2009

Organized work intended to advance the social conditions of a community, and especially of the disadvantaged, by providing psychological counseling, guidance, and assistance, especially in the form of social services. 

Social Engineer: El-Amin Life Productions "Project Criterion" 1973

 Social-Engineer, one with insight and realistic analysis of potential exploits to our human network allow us to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities that a standard network pentest would have missed. 


Universal Life Church Minister: Warner X 1979

 a. One who is authorized to perform religious functions in a Christian church, especially a Protestant church.
b. Roman Catholic Church The superior in certain orders.
2. A high officer of state appointed to head an executive or administrative department of government.
3. An authorized diplomatic representative of a government, usually ranking next below an ambassador.
4. A person serving as an agent for another by carrying out specified orders or functions.

v. min·is·tered, min·is·ter·ing, min·is·ters

v.intr.1. To attend to the wants and needs of others: Volunteers ministered to the homeless after the flood. See Synonyms at tend 2.
2. To perform the functions of a cleric. administer or dispense (a sacrament, for example).

Sensei: Di'Chi-Kara Ken Bushido 1991

 A martial arts instructor. Sensei of martial arts usually live and/or work at a dojo where they instruct their apprentices. A live-in apprentice is also called uchi-deshi. a Japanese (language) teacher. a suffix attached to the name of a teacher (principally in translations from Japanese) 


The universal concept of commonsense self-defense

Self defense is the ability to protect yourself from harm of any kind within the dynamics sphere of reality, weather the attack is coming from internal or external stimulus. 

What is an internal stimulus? 

Internal stimulus is a self-imposed harmful condition such as the use of intoxicants (drugs & alcohol), poisonous substances (nicotine & caffeine), unhealthy food (parasites & toxins), self-destructive thoughts and behavior (lies & illicit sex).

What is an external stimulus?

Any violent physical assault to the body that may cause injury or death. Words, images or sounds that may produce psychological neurological responses that may trigger negative physical and emotional responses (electrical chemical reaction in the brain) that affect behavior.

Sheikh: Muntheru Saadiq Mujaahid Shah 1985

imus Shiekh translation, English dictionary definition of Shiekh. or sheik n. 1. a. Islam A man respected for his piety or religious learning. b. A male leader of a muslim family or village. c. A man in an Arab society  who is important or wealthy. 


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Fuad School of Self-Defense Science

NEHA Professional Food Handler