Internal Structure:

Represents the body of this organization that is necessary for the accomplishment of our corporate objectives. There will be various levels of operations having different departments to carry out the duties specified in the Corporate Operations Manuel. The broader scope will be manifested through the inter-relations and associations developed from this structure. All members are required to pay their due. Dues and registration fees are merely a token of good faith. Then revenue from this collection shall be deposited into a separate corporate operations account. 

N.E.T. work force Membership


Charter Membership

 The Chartered Member is a person who joins in the initial stage of the establishment of this corporation, who sees and understands the purpose of this corporation, having abilities, qualifications, or determination needed to help perpetuate the success of our corporate agenda. Charter Members must pledge their voluntary support, contributing their time, money, expertise, and loyalty  to become eligible for a compensatory position in this organization. New Charter Members may be initiated subsequently to perpetuate and maintain internal leadership in the course designed by the founders of this corporation. 

Monthly Pledge Amount $50.00 

General Membership

 Entry level that requires only a monetary pledge of support. This makes that person eligible for voluntary services. Persons unable to make a monetary pledge but show sincere interest can receive status as World Community Member and may be considered for voluntary service upon review by the Social Director. There shall not be any financial compensation paid by this corporation for work done or service rendered by it's General Members; however, citations may be awarded to members who perform outstanding work or service toward the completion of our corporate goal. 

Monthly Pledge Amount $10.00 

Associate Membership

 Secondary level that recognizes the need for charitable concessions made to this corporation in helping or allowing it to further its direction towards its stated purpose. The Associate membership will be composed of Business owners, Band leaders, and other professionals, who will be authorized by El-Amin Life Productions LTD to organize and conduct business operations with El-Amin Life Productions LTD. This Organization will assume The Name designated by El-Amin Life Productions LTD: “EL-AMIN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION” Under this association it’s members will establish the Necessary credentials to carry out the function for which It is designed:  

Assumed Name of Business

Commercial Checking Account

Business Cards

Letter Head Stationary


Office Location

The objective for this association is to provide a secure Environment for the promotion of the cultural agenda. 

1. Mutual Investments 

2. Health Plan 

3. Collective Buying  

 Monthly Pledge Amount $25.00 

Honorary Membership

 Includes any and all public figures and other prominent persons who offer their Support. Also any donor who contribute more than five hundred dollars at a time. Any person not already a member who exhibits outstanding humanitarian qualities voted as "Caliph" or Humanitarian of the Year by the El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute's membership. 

Monthly Pledge Amount $100.00 

Members at Large

Any donor, contributor or supporter interested in helping in promoting our humanitarian cause but does not want to be a registered member or who wants to remain anonymous.

 Monthly Pledge Amount $5.00  

World Community

Any person on earth can contribute a small amount so everybody benefits.

 Monthly Pledge Amount $1.00