Mujaahid African Drum Ensemble

M.A.D.E. In America



 Mujaahid African Drum Ensemble in America

is  a group of some of the premier Master Drummers in Chicago. This  ensemble is composed of very dynamic, energetic and exciting griots  (African tribal storytellers) that seek to convey the spirit and  tradition of our African Heritage through our Drums of Passion. The  Mujaahid is a warrior in the cause of Freedom. We are making the Drum  Call for African Unity to free our communities from the attack of  violence, crime, poverty and ignorance.  

Mujaahid African Drum Ensemble May 25, 2014


  The  ensemble was revived  and performed on African Liberation Day at the  Paul Robeson High School 6835 S. Normal Blvd Chicago, IL 60621. This  event was hosted by African Development Plan and The All People  Foundation.  

Mujaahid African Drum Ensemble May 23, 1990


   The  ensemble was founded by Muntheru in 1990 and performed on the streets,  in many of the colleges and  night clubs throughout Chicago. Performing  here in front of Chicago's Wrigley Field   

Master Drummers

Mark Vaughn


  Mark Vaughn  is Master Drum Craftsmen & Lead Djembe Drummer, Traditional Dancer  for the West Indian Dance Company, one of the coordinators of the  African Drum Village exhibited at the African Festival of the Arts and  the African Caribbean Festival of Life in Chicago. 

Olu Shakoor


 Olu Shakoor  is a Master Drummer, Chief Griot, founder and conductor of the African  Drum Village exhibited at the African Festival of the Arts and the  African Caribbean Festival of Life in Chicago. Olu is proficient on  Djum-DJum and  Djembe Drum in many of the traditional and contemporary  styles of African drumming. He has a vast knowledge of the African oral  history pasted on from generation to generation by way of tribal  storytelling using theatrical song and dance .   

Muntheru Shah


  Muntheru Shah Rhythm Djembe Drummer,  Founder, and Director of Mujaahid African Drum Ensemble. 

Musa Mosley


 Musa Mosley  Master Drummer and Drum Carver One of the founding members of the  Original Sun Drummers. They pioneered the spirit of the African Drum  Circle, which became a summer tradition on the lake front at THE POINT  in Chicago's Hyde Park Community.   

Kelvin Strong


 Kelvin Strong Lead Djembe Drummer   

Baba Tyehimba Mtu


 Baba Tyehimba Mtu  is a Master Drummer, Master Drum Maker and a Master Carver.  Being one  of the three African Drum Carvers in the U.S., he is also in the first  generation of Master Drummers in the U.S., and a Senior African Drummer  in Chicago, with several unique styles of Afrikan Drumming (including  playing polyrhythms on seven Drums and  playing multiple rhythms on one  Drum).  

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Mujaahid African Drum Ensemble In America

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