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Directors, Nettie Johnson & Muntheru S.M. Shah networking 1994 Kwanzaa at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Detroit, Michigan.

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Let’s build a Cultural Awareness Institute in Chicago, Illinois and broaden the horizons for social development using the fine arts of communication.  Cultivate a global mind from within El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute.


 This aspect of the Cultural Awareness Program will be specialized to target community development and offer projects that will encourage young minds to appreciate the finer qualities in life. From this base a Performing Arts Theater can be established. There will be neighborhood interaction to present alternative activities for youth interested in entertainment: Theater, Dance, Poetry, Creative Writing, Music, Painting, Arts and Crafts. 



This can be a center of higher learning for the performing arts student and people interested in the Fine Arts. There will be courses in Ethnomusicology, Music Appreciation, and Historical African American Contributions to Modern Music. Contemporary Music, Music Theory, Traditional African Music, and African Influences in World Music will also be offered. The life-styles of various influential people; Ethnic Foods, Clothing as fashion, Art, Crafts, Housing Architecture, and religion are all parts of the culture of a people. Here the student will study how culture is translated, transported, transferred to become aware of how a cultural synthesis can be significant from a Global Perspective in understanding the need for diversity. 


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Executive Director:

Muntheru S.M. Shah also known as

 Warner R.B. Shaw Jr. 

El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute

1882 W. Palm Dr., Apt 398, Mount Prospect, IL 60056, USA

(847) 690-1532

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